Summer and I had a special girls only outing today….to visit our kitties-to-be!  We met them when they were first born, and now they are up and out of their box, snacking on wet kitty food!  They are growing so fast!  Summer had steadfastly decided that she wants the runt.  The kids don’t know it but I think we’re taking 2.  I talked it over begged Eli to let us get 2 of them, one for each kid.  They will be kept out in the chicken coop due to Stella’s incompatability with all things feline, and I just thought one little kitty would be lonely out there!  Also, we’ve got a pretty good bad rat problem out there and I’m so hoping that 2 grown cats can serve well as exterminators.

So, we (meaning I) need to get the chicken coop cleaned out again….it seems like it’s a fall ritual anyway.  Eli and I need to have a little rat shoot out, too.  I’m going to have less straw throughout the chicken’s pen and just place it strategically where they lay and where they roost (read: poop).  Also, going to put a lockdown on the feed, although the main issue is that they chickens really scatter around the food we put out for them.  Not sure how to remedy that, if it’s at all possible.  So that’s that.  I can’t wait.  I said to Eli today, “I think I’m more excited than Summer.”  He agreed.

The litter included 2 black kitties and 2 B&W kitties. Interestingly, mama was a siamese mix. I was really hoping for a little siamese kitty, but no luck.

If we really end up taking two, I think we'll end up with one black and one B&W. Easier to tell them apart 😉

This little kitty looks just like the one that we've been reading about in our new book, Cookie's Week. Summer said she'll name her(him?) Cookie, but if I know her, it will change a dozen times before being decided

And here's her pick....the little runt. So cute!

In new house news, Eli and I met with a kitchen planner at Lowe’s today to price the cabinets.  We’re going with a wood cabinet that we are going to stain ourselves….we’re going with a blue colored stain.  All of this home design stuff has my head spinning to be honest.  I feel like I’m just hoping that it turns out to not look awful when it’s all put together!!!

Eli and John moved a single dump truck load of dirt to the site today….there is a lot of backfilling to do!  Other than than, there wasn’t any work done there today.


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