A little frost on the pumpkin…..

Happy Harvesting!

So last night we got a pretty good frost….enough to blacken up some previously lively leaves, and hopefully enough to sweeten up the squash & pumpkins.

So, ’tis time to begin that fall cleaning mode of hauling out the garden.  We need to get it all cleared out, tilled, plant garlic and mulch.  We are planting 6+ lbs of garlic this fall.  We figured that we won’t be gardening here next spring/summer (yay!) but we might as well do something.

Anyway, here is the evening in photos:

Some still green Mr. Stripey tomatoes. Ripe or not, they were never that stripe-y. Hmmph.

Summer, so proud of her indian corn

Tie-dyes indian corn!

Savin' some for later!

Wooly Bear

Ripe and unripe tomatoes, Portugal and Jalapeno Peppers

Buttercup squash. Mmmm, think I'll roast me one tomorrow!

Found the kids ripping open milkweed pods and then wildly flapping their arms to get the feathery seeds unstuck from their hands

Somehow, and all out Milkweed War started. Daddy was the first casualtyUh-oh, she's after me!


P.S.  Just heard John giggle in his sleep.  So heartwarming!  I’m going to snuggle him now……night!


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