Christmas Baking

OK, at long last….we’re back on!

The oven has been a busy little body the last few days!

Up first: Chocolate covered cherries

Drain cherries, then mix up the filling.  It’s softened butter, corn syrup and confectioner’s sugar.  It kneads up into something like fondant.  Chill it in the fridge to make it easier to work with.

Flatten out a small piece and place a cherry in the middle.  Then gather the filling around the cherry.

The wrapped cherries get chilled, then dipped into melted chocolate.  They get set to rest for 2-3 weeks (the hardest part, getting them done early enough and not letting them get eaten!) so that the filling turns to liquid.

Of course the kids got into it too:  Banana bread just because bananas needed to be used up….

We went out to Jenkins to pick up tons of goodies for baking!

It looks questionable, I know.

Now they look good, right?

Just ask her!

Gingerbread still to be rolled out…

These top my list of favorites:

And more to come!  Happy creating, everyone!


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