Christmas baking, round….Oh geez I dunno what round I’m on!

Today we finished the Christmas baking!  A last minute batch of peanut butter fudge and things began getting packaged and prettied to be distributed!  There is just one more last minute baking project (isn’t there always?) for our furry friends and we’re done….and I have to say that the kitchen doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would!

John's contribution: Stacking the sprinkles as high as they'd go.

Also, John has become crazy over guns.  It’s earlier than I thought, but time to read Bang! Bang! You’re Dead! I’m questioning whether this is imitative play (imitating daddy, though, not violence from the media) or imaginitive play.  All morning he walked around with that tube, picking it up and pointing it here and there.  “Me [sh]oot a deer!”  “Me oot a bear!”  He’d take his pants off and roll them up, “Me put my hunt clothes away,” only to get them back out and on for another ‘trip to the woods’.

It really has me laughing about gender preferences too.  We try to run a gender neutral home.  Yes, John wears ponytails.  Yes, Summer wears camoflauge.  But they both fall into ‘appropriate’ gender roles with no prodding from us.  The truth is, Summer has spent far more time in the woods with Eli than John has.  For Summer’s whole life until John was born, Eli would just throw her on his back and set out to train the dogs, shoot guns and have time in the woods.  It wasn’t practical for him to do that with 2 kids, so John hasn’t really even been exposed to it that much.  I don’t know what has drawn him to this kind of play so much (although I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the gun cabinet is locked and requires a key (KEY!  Me LOVE keys!) to get into ;))  Oh well.  He knows where food comes from….both he and Summer were begging daddy to hang his deer in the kitchen.


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