Solar panels, continued….

Here’s a few more…..

So, obviously the solar panels are all installed.  We are also all set with the batteries and everything in the house.  What we’re still waiting on is the generator.  We need the generator to keep the battery levels even, otherwise the batteries will die easily (and they’re expen$ive!!)

So we purchased the generator back in October, I think?  And still waiting….I was hoping it would be a Christmas surprise, but nope….But we did just get news that it would be shipping this week!  It’s been done and put together in the factory, just awaiting EPA inspection.

Although being all hooked up electrically does put us farther ahead (Yay!), it’s not like we even have electrical wiring done throughout the house.  Right now Eli is working on the heating with a friend and then will move on to working on the electric.  (Smart man!  Warm home first, then do the rest of the work!)  So we’re getting there!  This is surely a practice in patience!!


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