Just a few updated pics of the heating system to be!

We have an appointment to have our underground propane tank delivered on Monday.  The generator should be here sometime around then.  Once the heating system is put in (I’ll make no guesses as to when that will be!) then we’ll be able to work in a nice warm house!  Electric and drywall and painting, oh my!  I have visions that a nice warm home will make the kids want to hang around while we work late into the night….I know it’s not true but I can dream, right?

So for those wondering about this heating system, I’ll lay it down in simplified words (cause that’s all I understand!)  We have an outdoor woodstove (or woodboiler) which heats water for our hot water use, but also heats water that will run through all of those copper pipes to heat the house as baseboard heating.  There will also be three areas, the kitchen, bath and basement where we will have in-floor radiant heat.  The hot water runs through PEX pipe layed in the floor in concrete or what have you.  Can NOT wait for a nice, warm tile floor!  That’s it in a nutshell!  (Eli, if you read this and can further explain, please do ;))

And many millions of thank you’s to Brian Brewster for all his work in this!!!!!!!


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