The house going up, part 4

OK, these pics will be up until now, January 2011.  Not much will change, except for siding and a front door (any recommendations for beautiful wooden doors?  Our original order was cancelled as they don’t carry the doors anymore!)  All of the changes now will be on the inside!

With the porch on Oct 2010

With the roof on.

January 2011. Solar panels up and snow on the roof!


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2 Responses to The house going up, part 4

  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the corner shots. How did you decide on the arxx blocks? I went to the website and have watched a couple of their short youtube videos (so far). Very interesting construction technique. I wondered about the “greeness” of the product, and about future adding on or modifying the home. I think about that stuff because though we are thinking about building new we currently live in a 150 year old home that has stood the “test of time”. We would do some things differently (the heating for one, though the options are way better now than they were 30 years ago) but I would love to build a home that would be economical, long lasting, efficient, easy to maintain, (and many etceteras) but at the end of it’s life was largely recyclable. This kind of thinking sure slows down starting!

    • linzie2 says:

      The reason we went with Arxx is in keeping with the goal of energy efficiency. A regular stick built home has an R-factor of about 19, while the Arxx block construction is closer to 40 or 50. That being said, there are drawbacks as there are in anything. Largely recyclable in the end? Probably not. (But maybe? Using the styrofoam for something else? Breaking up the concrete inside and repurposing it? I dunno.) We also planned carefully for windows and exterior doors, as there is no going back! For us, we’ve got a full basement that will be unfinished to use as our “addition” when the time comes. There is also a moderate sized loft area that will pretty much be free space until we decide how the flow of the home goes.
      The Arxx were wonderful as they went up fast!! And they’re sturdy….no worries about long lasting here!
      I think the best part for my husband though, is they’ll keep the mice out! LOL!
      Brenda, thanks for your continued interest! Love hearing of your plans, too!

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