In the kitchen….

A glimpse into the kitchen for a day!

I started off with my favorite (and easy!) fresh bread dough from Mother Earth News.

Yeast and Coarse Sea Salt (1.5 Tbsp of each):

Next, adding warm water (3 cups; and having a helper is a good thing!)

Stir it up…(6.5 cups with a favorite wooden spoon, of course!)

Then it rests at room temperature for 2 hours(to recap: 1.5-1.5-3-6.5.  Easy Peasy!)

The dough can be in the fridge for about 2 weeks, and can be pulled out for pizza, bread or cinnamon rolls at any time.  The longer it’s in the fridge, the more tasty sourdough flavors come out!  When you’re ready for a loaf, cut off a hunk and leave it to rest on a floured baking sheet or pizza peel (want one SO bad!) for 45 minutes.  Have your oven hot at 450 degrees with a baking stone already in the oven.  Once the dough is done resting flick it off the sheet or peel onto your baking stone.  Close up with oven then add a cup of water to a METAL (not glass.  Believe me, it’ll shatter with the temp change.  And it’s a mess!) baking pan  and quickly shut up the oven to create steam. 

30 minutes later is a wonderful, delicious, chewy, hot, oh my you won’t believe the taste loaf of homemade, feel good artisan bread!  Try it in your home today!

Now wipe up yer drool!

OK, next up in the kitchen line up is dessert!

Ok, ok these did not come from my kitchen.  John and I picked them up at the Wegmans bakery on the way home. If you do not have a Wegmans near you, I’ll just say I’m sorry.  I looooooooove Wegmans!

Next up was a bit more crafting….I laid out the red pieces that I had and piled them back up to be sewn at a later time.

Then, it was lunch.  Quesadillas with salsa made on a hot summer day, so long ago!

Sweating in the kitchen day after day putting up preserves is soooooo worth it when you crack open a jar in the dead of winter.  It takes you back to that sunshine, those hot days, that perfect tomato-ey taste that you just can’t get this time of the year.  (Note to self: Make more Peach Jam next year!  Oh, for the taste of a fresh, ripe peach right now!)

And then on to dinner:

Fresh chicken noodle soup.  Which is still filling our bellies and keeping us warm!


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