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Um, yeah.  I totally had the wool pulled over my eyes!  I always thought I was un-surprisable.  Not this time!  Man, I love my husband! So, work has been slow.  I was put on-call for Saturday, meaning I didn’t need … Continue reading

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The Autumnal Equinox

This is the season that warms my heart.  It’s a season of hard work, comforting meals, cozy sweaters and red and yellow and gold, oh my! The road less traveled….aren’t we lucky? Oh, elderberries….I’ll be back for you! And once … Continue reading

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It’s almost there….

The kitchen, that is!  I didn’t mind getting up early on my birthday to go let the installers in to set the new countertops!  They turned out beautifully! It feels so exciting to be so close, even if it is … Continue reading

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I got what I wanted!!!!!

For my birthday yesterday, I was already able to cross one thing off my List! We all loaded up and headed down to the local tattoo shop/piercing parlor.  Somehow that doesn’t seem right.  Meh.  Sometimes “right” doesn’t matter.  Summer wanted … Continue reading

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In my Thirtieth year.

I’m fast approaching that mark that is my thirtieth year ’round the Sun.  And that has me thinking.  Of things I’ve done and things I’d like to do.  So I thought I’d lay it out here. In my Thirtieth year … Continue reading

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More firsts!

This time it was dance!  The day had come for Summer and John’s first day of dance classes!  And boy were they excited!   But he wasn’t long in the classroom before excitement turned to apprehension…. He came out crying … Continue reading

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{this moment}

Joining Amanda at SouleMama for the wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy! {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want … Continue reading

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Eli, John and I were working up to the new house. Eli was tiling in the bathroom and I was painting in the kids room. Eli:  Linzie, come here please… John:  What?  What do you need?  (Ever the helper, he … Continue reading

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So some pretty special shoes showed up at the house today! Dance classes start this weekend!  Summer is very excited and changes into leotards and tu-tus every chance she gets!  John is mildly excited, but was quite bummed tonight that … Continue reading

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New things….

Sheesh, I”m finding it hard to make it here on a regular basis.  We’re all still adjusting to back to school and trying to eek out every moment of the day to work and hopefully enjoy.  So I’ll catch ya … Continue reading

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