Summer made it to school and I bet she’s having a great time!  But it didn’t start out that well……

We’ll go back to yesterday afternoon.  Summer and Daddy were playing in the kitchen, and Summer fell.  Eli said she fell straight on her butt but she was limping on her foot.  She cried a lot and limped around for the evening.  I offered her a hot bath and some pain reliever to help her feel better.

Then it was bedtime.  We read every single book we have about school and kindergarten.  Summer started getting weepy towards the end of the pile.  “I do and I don’t want to go.”  “I’m scared!”  “I JUST DON’T WANT TO RIDE THE BUS!!!!!”  There were plenty of tears shed over school nerves, but we did our best to relieve them.  Then she started in about the foot.  I figured it was a bit of dramatization as she was quite tired and nervous at this point.

Then midnight.  I hear her from her bed.  “I DON’T WANT TO GOOOOOOOOO!”   So I invited her in with us and tried to make her feel better.   Then again with the foot.  I could see how these two complaints were tied together.

It’s morning now!  In light of some late night bawling, Summer and I were reluctant to get out of bed.  (Really, who gets up late on their kid’s first day of school?  I’m such a slacker.)  Once up, we needed to MOVE!  Summer limped downstairs and that’s when I started to get worried.  How can she walk at school?  Should I keep her home?  No, it’s her first day!  But it is really painful!

I set her up with her special request breakfast: Peach Pie.  I changed my clothes and Nana showed up.  I helped Summer into her clothes and went up to get her brush and a barrette.  Summer didn’t appreciate that I only got one, so she started upstairs for the matching barrette.  This time she insisted she COULD NOT walk, and proceeded to crawl.  It’s T minus 10 minutes until the bus should be here!

But wait, what was that noise?  A horn honking?  OMG THE BUS IS HERE ALREADY!!!!  I yelled to her to come straight down, I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, Nana’s quickly brushing Sum’s hair.  And now it’s time for shoes.  Putting on that right shoe was like I was trying to amputate her leg.  The yowling!  Oh my!  Grandpa Wally comes running in…..”the bus is here!  Want me to tell him to go ahead?”  Now the teachers stressed: if the kids are to ride the bus then make sure they ride the first day.  It helps them settle in.

So I scoop her up and run.  We run to the bus, she gimps her way on, gives me a half smile for a picture.  No tears!  She gets on, buckles up, and away they go.  Just like that.

Each time the phone has rang today, I expect it to be the school.  But it’s not.  My baby is just fine.  And now that the dust has settled, I may finally get to have my big cry that mama’s are supposed to have on this first day!


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3 Responses to Kinder-craziness!

  1. maxine feingold says:

    I’m so glad I got to speak to you before I saw your blog. What a horror of a first day. Well the good thing is all of the ensuing days have got to be better—a whole lot better. Hang in, Mom! When you’re old and gray you’ll remember these days, fondly. A least you will remember them.
    I wouldn’t worry about Summer! She has a logical mind and knows how much she is loved. Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop. I love you all. M

    • linzie2 says:

      You have to laugh or you’ll cry! I know it will be a good story for a long time. And something she can hold over my head for a long time too. I’m willing to accept all these things! 😉

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