New things….

Sheesh, I”m finding it hard to make it here on a regular basis.  We’re all still adjusting to back to school and trying to eek out every moment of the day to work and hopefully enjoy.  So I’ll catch ya up quick with some photos of new things and a brief explanation!


Our new dishwasher....New drawer/cabinet pulls

The shower with new trim and wall tile!

A new car! We bought a new Subaru Outback so if we ever get moved in up the hill, we can make it out of the driveway!

While all of these new things are so nice, I’m craving a different kind of new.  I’m ready to create new adventures and new traditions.  I’m ready to start settling in and making a home.  All along the way I’ve tried to remain mindful and in the moment.  To enjoy the journey and not just the endpoint.  But I’m we’re all ready to reach the end!

And new beginnings. Today was Summer's first picture day ever. Having super fine hair of my own, I was confident her curls wouldn't make it to the photo shoot at school. So I took my own, of course.