And now she’s learned….

….to tie her shoes!  Sheesh!

This seems to me a great example of wait until they’re ready.  I can imagine thinking, “She needs to know this before school!” and pushing her to learn 6 months ago.  But I didn’t.  I modeled it when she asked and just let it go.  Today she seemed ready, we had plenty of time, and we were both in a good mood (important!!!).  We did one shoe each at a time and that was it.  She got it all on her own on the second try!  No frustration, only triumph!

Now imagine the other scenario:  She NEEDS  to learn this!!  We will practice every morning (no time!) until she gets it.  I won’t tie her shoes for her….she’ll get it eventually.  Come on, Summer, just do it!  Imagine the frustration in all of this, for her or I.  Imagine that disappointed feeling each and every morning. 

It seems to me that children are being forced to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN everything as quickly as possible.  Are your children doing things in school much earlier than you did?  Do you think you didn’t turn out well because you weren’t reading in Kindy?  No.  What’s the rush?  Sometimes practice makes perfect, but often times success is just as sweet if you wait it out.  They’ll learn.  No need to push.  See:

**Disclaimer:  I did not post this because I think I’m the greatest mom ever.  I posted this to remind myself how good it feels to do something in a loving and patient way instead of being my usually harried self.  Thank you.**


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One Response to And now she’s learned….

  1. Dee says:

    What an exciting milestone! I just went through this last week (and blogged about it) with my 6 y/o. I waited until he was ready and that made it a wonderful experience for both of us. 🙂

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