Celebrating 5 years: A day trip!

This past Sunday, Eli and I got to pass the time as we chose with no to-do lists, no kiddos, no agendas.  So wonderful.

We headed to Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca.  We hiked for 3 or so wonderful, peaceful hours.

Then we headed to The Commons for a little window shopping….by the time we got there (being a Sunday) everything was closing up!

We ate at the Mahogany Grill and I got the most AMAZING plate of gourmet nachos including grilled chicken, spicy black beans, homemade chips, pico de gallo, gaucamole and fresh cheese with a light topping of lime crema.  Oh My!  (In case you didn’t know, I’m a nacho-holic.  I’ll order them anywhere, but they’re rarely good.  And never THIS good!)  I just peeked at their lunch menu and am planning the next reason to head to Ithaca because it look delish!

We did more walking in the cool, crisp air before heading into Collegetown Bagels for hot cocoa, coffee and a sweet treat.

Then it was time for what we came for!

Let me first start by discussing the State Theater.  It first opened it’s doors in 1928, and had first great success and then near disaster.  Thankfully this beautiful place was saved, restored and placed atop my list of venues!  The acoustics!  The seating!  (not a bad one in the house!)  The ceiling! (with celestial paintings and real twinkling stars!)  Just wow.  Go there if you can!

And secondly, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings.  Amazing.  Her voice, his guitar.  Well, for that matter, his voice and her banjo.  Anyway you put it, it sounds great.  Soulful, moving, soothing Americana.  It’s a must hear.

And the night’s setlist:

It was a amazing….Horses was great to see Gillian leg slappin’ and foot stompin’.  I’ll Fly Away was a nice sing-along and timely for us too.  And ending with Cash’s Jackson?  Just too much on the perfect scale!


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Daughter. Wife. Mama. Homebirther. Lactivist. Nurse. Healer. Educator. Aspiring homesteader. Gardener. Tea drinker. Enviromentalist. Seamstress. Photographer. One happy camper!
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One Response to Celebrating 5 years: A day trip!

  1. Amy says:

    It looks like you two had a wonderful time, I need one of those days, lol. And what a lovely couple, love all the pics!

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