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A thankful week

It’s been a week since I’ve been in this space!  And I make no apologies….it was a busy, whirlwind, full of thanks week! This week I’ve felt grateful for: Best friends and great traditions-in-the-making! Of course, for my family: Baby … Continue reading

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Opening Day

Eli’s so happy to have a new rack to adorn the walls at our new homestead and I’m glad to have healthy, wild raised meat in the freezer.  And the kids: they are grateful for the whole experience. And now … Continue reading

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Conversations:  A place to chronicle all of the wonderful words that spill from my children’s lips. John is fairly obsessed with hunting in all aspects at this point.  He is usually sporting camo from head to toe, is carrying some … Continue reading

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An upcycled vanity

Upcycled.  Have you heard the term?  Upcycling is a way to prevent wasting potentially useful items by making use of existing ones.  Hence, new raw materials do not have to be used to make a new product.  Take the old … Continue reading

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I can tell you what I’ll be dreaming about…..

It’s too late now to do anything more than flip the pages but I can promise you I’ll be stitchin’ it up in my dreams!  Ooooof!  Can’t wait for some free time!

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a happy and productive Sunday!

All around me the bed is bouncing and then someone jumps square on my back.  I peek open one eye and the clock reads 6:59.  Not great for a mama who stayed out til last call. But they won’t stop … Continue reading

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Tell me what to craft!

I just put in a new order for all sorts of sizes for men, women and kids tees from American Apparel (Made in the USA!!) to create new merch for my Etsy shop!! Leave me a comment here to tell … Continue reading

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Getting the garlic in.

Getting the garlic in has been on my To-Do list for a bit, but I had a hard time getting around to it!  It was something that needed to be done in a distinct time frame, but I kept putting … Continue reading

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An amazing find!!

I think I overuse the word “amazing”.  In fact, I know I do.  But today’s feat was no less than amazing….it’s the classic needle in a haystack find!! In all of this: I found this!! I was washing dishes and … Continue reading

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Knock, knock………

TRICK OR TREAT!! Each year we trick or treat to each Grandma and Grandpa’s house (all over the county!) first.  It was great fun to have Grandpa Steve in town this year, but also bittersweet that since last Halloween we’ve … Continue reading

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