The Nutcracker

Sunday Summer and I headed out with Nana for a special outing.  We traveled a few hours to beautiful Ithaca and the gorgeous State Theater.

As I’m sure many of you know, a long ride with a little girl can be challenging.  But the excitement was high and the day was sunny.  Everything was going swell until that cute little belly let her know she was hungry!  So we did hear about that for the last hour or so of the trip.

We arrived at the Commons and the closest (and yummiest!) place for lunch was Collegetown Bagels!

Summer got a tuna melt but fussed after a tomato was discovered.  Besides, I’m pretty sure she got full on her Naked juice (and her pickle).

My delicious concoction was a California Dreamin’.  Sliced Turkey with coleslaw and avocado on thick slices of toasted multi-grain.  So good!

Nana’s in the background there was a tuna on pumpernickel.  So many choices!

Earlier in the week there had been “Ice Wars” in the commons.  Many people spent time and energy carving the most amazing ice sculptures.  I truly wish I would have photographed more.  They were really spectacular.  (Perhaps to come: A photo of Sum and I atop a giant ice throne that Nana took with her phone.)

The shopping was great as always and we got lots of great gifts for many of Sum’s cousins.  (Hey there Aunties out there!  Betcha happy to hear that!)

And then it was time!  Time for the reason we came!

The State Theater is such a great place to see performances.  The history of it is everywhere, including the beautifully painted ceiling featuring constellations and small, twinkling star lights.  You could read the magic of the day on every girl and boys face; all were decked out in their holiday best including my little Miss Claus.

The performance was amazing.  The costumes were stunning.  The story was captivating: all of the children throughout the theater were as quiet as mice.  The holiday spirit was so strong!

The day ended and hunger and exhaustion set in for my girl.  Dinner out did not go as planned (understatement?) but the food was great at the Mahogany Grill.  We all loaded up in the car, cranked the heat and got comfy.  Sum was asleep before we left town.


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