(not as planned)

I’m not Martha Stewart.  Nor do I want to be.  I love crafting and creating and sharing that all with you here.  But know that not everything works out.  In fact, more often than not I have a flop or not enough time or energy to finish.  I love sharing what worked with you all here for inspiration, but please know that is not the extent of my day.  In order to photograph projects, I usually must swipe the counter clean.  Here’s how things go.  For real.

We just so happened to be among the lucky few who have a defective toilet.  When you flush it splashes water on the seat.  Not so lovely.  Also not so lovely: Having to uninstall this one and reinstall a new (hopefully not defective!) one!

This is what the “living room” of the new house looks like today.  I’m pretty sure not too long ago we were projecting a move-in date of a little before Christmas.  There’s a few days left, right?  Believe!

Also the photo above is that of my children’s playground.  So don’t be surprised when that + playing on a windowsill =

That’s the real deal!


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Daughter. Wife. Mama. Homebirther. Lactivist. Nurse. Healer. Educator. Aspiring homesteader. Gardener. Tea drinker. Enviromentalist. Seamstress. Photographer. One happy camper!
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4 Responses to (not as planned)

  1. Jen Hakes says:

    I feel like that injury was my fault, as I was talking to you on the phone when it happened:).. I Believe that you and your family can be in there before Christmas!

  2. i think our kitchen looked like that three days before it was done. Believe! its going to look great, Santa will come through…

  3. Steve says:

    Have Summer ask her Uncle Brian how many stitches he has had in his head… How many trees her Mom fell out of….That’ll put it in perspective…

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