wood work

There has been lots of woodworking going on at the new house.  First, I began staining the Red Oak stair treads.

Here, the standing ones are unfinished and the laying one has a coat of stain that needs to be rubbed off.

Here’s my woodworking shop!!  Each of these stair treads are at a different point in the finishing process!

John took this picture for me….”This would be a good one for the computer, Mama!”  Be still my heart!

The edge here is oak trim that I stained to match the pre-stained floor that was put in.  Pretty darn good match if I do say so myself!  Now it needs a clear coat layer or two on it.

Eli has been working hard this past week to get wood split so we can begin heating the new house!!  This coming week he will leak test all of the lines for the heat and hopefully start warming that stove up next weekend!

And then I’ve been painting this trim board to go up around the house.  Trimming everything is one major task we’ve got left to do!  Our plan is to finish the loft and down the stairs and then go back into each room and do the little extra work: trim, wiring outlets, mounting doors. One by one until we check each room off the list! 

We’re getting there!!!!


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Daughter. Wife. Mama. Homebirther. Lactivist. Nurse. Healer. Educator. Aspiring homesteader. Gardener. Tea drinker. Enviromentalist. Seamstress. Photographer. One happy camper!
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4 Responses to wood work

  1. barefootnmama says:

    Oh my..it looks great! My husband just came over and said “oh wow, that’s pretty sweet” haha! great pictures! Are you building your house yourself?

    • barefootnmama says:

      ”This would be a good one for the computer, Mama!” STOP..how cute is that!!!!!

    • linzie2 says:

      The outermost shell was built (stacked? They are ARXX forms, or styrofoam filled concrete walls. Awesome insulation!!) by my step father and since he finished the roof in October 2010, we’ve been on our own!
      Thanks for the encouragement, it is often needed!

      • barefootnmama says:

        really? WOW!! that is fantastic!! I can’t even tell you how wonderful we think this is!!! This is a dream of ours, to build our own home. Hopefully when the kids get a little older that dream will come true!

        “who knows but if men constructed their dwellings with their own hands, and provided food for themselves and families simply and honestly enough, the poetic faculty would be universally developed, as birds universally sing when they are engaged?…….
        Shall we forever resign the pleasure of construction to the carpenter?” ~ Henry Thoreau

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