Mystic Orb

We are very happy to include some handcrafted bits into our home.  Our home has been crafted by us, so filling it with things bought from a big box store doesn’t seem right.

Mystic Orb has been one such creative entity that we have welcomed into our home.  I first found Taryn’s blog, Wooly Moss Roots.  I saw what beautiful creations her husband Jeff made.  When I saw the switchplate covers, I wanted one so badly!  Then we had a switch area we didn’t know what to do with: we had planned to have a switch for the fan in the middle but didn’t need it.  So I contacted Taryn and Jeff and got the beautiful creation above!

Dealing with this husband and wife (and baby!) business has been wonderful and very “human.”  So I asked Taryn and Jeff if they’d like to share here, and of course they did!  So here’s what they had to say:

What are you most excited about offering in your shop now?

Everything! We’re so excited about so many different things, each day we want to make it all, but bring our inspirations to life, bit by bit. We’ve been excited about wooden boxes (including our herbal salves in wooden boxes), wooden buttons, carved tree pendants, our herbal salves…. and some new items we’ll be introducing soon! (But want to wait to share until they are finished.)

Herbal Salve- Magical Healing Salve- with Calendula, Comfrey, Tea Tree, Lavender.....

Where do most of your materials come from?

All over the place. Many materials come from trimming branches right here on the homestead. After that, we get many reclaimed woods from local friends, who share their leftover pieces with us. Now that friends and family know what wood fanatics we are, they bring us gifts of wood. We feel so grateful to have so many materials to work with.

Cedar Wood Earrings- Large Wooden Earrings

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day flows in it’s own unique way. We get up, in the colder months we get the woodstove going and the house warmed up. Then we eat a hearty breakfast, to give us lots of energy for the day. We cook, do dishes, sweep, do laundry. We answer e-mails, package up boxes, make trips to the post office. And we create, we do lots of that. We slice, sand, and polish wood. We work on custom orders and create where our inspiration leads us that day. We are home most of the time, with occasional trips to town to “stock up.” During Bracken’s nap time, I sit quietly next to him and usually work on a wool project of some sort. Our work and home life are woven together. We are always busy doing something- whether making something or working on the homestead. Our relaxation time is usually some quiet reading before bed.

6 Wood Buttons- Handmade Wooden Buttons in reclaimed Sassafras- Knitting, Sewing and Craft Buttons

How are you able to incorporate Bracken into your daily routine? What are you proud to be teaching him through your lifestyle?

Bracken is right alongside us, all day every day. We share a family bed and wake up together. He usually rides in the carrier, either on my back or front, in the morning while I get things done around the house. He plays by my feet and climbs the furniture like a monkey, while I answer e-mails and post new items on our online shop. He rides on Jeff’s back, in the carrier, while Jeff does things around the homestead. Sometimes he loves being in the pack, sometimes he doesn’t. We take it moment to moment and stay flexible.
I’m proud to be teaching him the satisfaction that comes from making things with your own hands. That you don’t need to buy everything from big box stores, that you don’t need to be afraid to try new things and that it’s fun to figure out how to do things for yourself. That when you follow your heart, miracles happen. That are spirits are fed by doing what we love. That life brings joy from being creative, not from automatically having everything we want.

SALE- Inspirational Magnet- Wood Magnet- Sink your roots in- Carving

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature. Being outside is the most inspiring place to be. It fills me up.

What blogs or websites do you read or feel inspired by?

I am constantly inspired by SouleMama blog because of all the creativity! Reading it reminds me of how fun it is to explore- to dig in and try new things. I also came across the art of Tatjana Raum recently- ( who creates fantasy dolls. I find them so inspiring. There are so many blogs and websites where I find inspiration, those are just two that popped into my head.

How have you connected in unexpected ways with customers, either through Etsy or at Market?

We’ve ended up forming so many wonderful friendships, which has been such a gift.

Taryn and Jeff want to share a gift with you, too!!

They are offering a coupon code for both of their Etsy shops, Mystic Orb and Wooly Moss Roots for the next week!

The coupon code is DSFARM15 and is good for 15% any product but only for the next week!  Happy shopping!


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4 Responses to Mystic Orb

  1. Jen Hakes says:

    I love your switch cover and am placing an order now for a plaque with mine and Greg’s wedding date, as I realized while shopping on their site that we don’t have anything like that. It will be a great 6th anniversary present for him, and me to. And it is a magnet that we will both see every day which is perfect:).. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. barefootmama says:

    THIS IS FABULOUS!! How wonderful to have this on your space. They are such a joy! The wooden necklace they made me, I love and I never take it off:))

    LOVE your switch cover…so unique!

    Thanks for the coupon, I will use it asap!!

  3. Hi Linzie!!
    Thanks so much!! Jeff and I had so much fun reading this post.
    Thanks for supporting our family business, sharing about our art with the world, and for interviewing us. We appreciate it!!

    Love to your family,

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