Round here

This past week, Eli was on break from school.  It was so wonderful to have another adult around everyday!!

We took a trip to the Airport on Tuesday and picked up a special package!

No, this isn’t our pup…..we were just picking him up for someone else.  But it does have us daydreaming a little bit about puppy days!!  We have found a great stud dog for when Stella comes into season this spring….we’ll keep you posted!

Later on in the day we met Eli’s brother Graham and his wife Mary and their little girl at “The Pancake House”.  We’ve been making a trip to our local pancake house each year when maple sugaring starts….yum!

The rest of the week was spent, you guessed it, working on the new house.  We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the bedrooms and installing doors.  The kids mattresses will arrive tomorrow, and the sheets are in the wash right now!  They are excited to say the least!

The closet, ready for clothes!  The doors are now painted white and ready to hang back up!

Please note the shoe moulding (the thin strip of oak between the trim and the floor)….it really completed the room!

Lots of work on doors lately….then we can close off those rooms until it’s move in time!  I can’t believe that’s even a thought in my head!

Summer decided to do a little painting of her own….

So the kids had fun cleaning up, too!

I love how things are really, really beginning to come together.  I think we are all feeling very desperate for this to be over.  I can’t wait to be done doing and just start being.  Thank you all for your kind and supportive words here….they really bouy my spirit when I’m feeling down!  Soon, soon this space will be filled with adventures and crafts and I can’t wait to share it all with you!


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Daughter. Wife. Mama. Homebirther. Lactivist. Nurse. Healer. Educator. Aspiring homesteader. Gardener. Tea drinker. Enviromentalist. Seamstress. Photographer. One happy camper!
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5 Responses to Round here

  1. Jen Hakes says:

    Love the pics of Summer and the paint, and also the pic of them in the tub:).. I can’t wait for that very brave sleep over in your new home. That puppy was adorable:)

  2. Jamison Susan says:

    Quoting Eli, “No such thing as an ugly puppy.” Your place looks great. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. bluebirdmama says:

    I love the last two pics too. Can’t wait for you guys to feel the feeling of being done.

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