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introducing: eight

Here’s Stella’s beautiful new litter of pups. These eight were born over a 10 hour span last night. Just a quick peek; there will be lots more info to follow!

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on their way!

I knew today was the day!! The pups are arriving….we have 2 healthy females so far with more contractions coming! See you in this space for the cutest pictures ever tomorrow!!

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It’s taken a month but I found her!! I knew our wild barn cat had kittens a while back but I could never find them! I figured they had not made it but lately it seemed apparent that she was … Continue reading

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Today is Stella’s 7th birthday. Yesterday was her due date. We shall see.

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lunch, interrupted.

John was waiting patiently at the table and just as I set his tuna on wheat in front of him….”Mama, LOOK! LOOK! Ducklings!” And he was off. The Muscovy hen was out and about for the first time with her … Continue reading

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ballusters and grilling

We are eating dinner at the new house most nights of the week now. Daddy works, kids play and mama cooks. It keeps us together, but also helps us get (just a little bit of) work done each night. Last … Continue reading

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it’s beer season

I think I could remain dry all winter long. But these busy days and warm nights just call for an ice cold beer. Here’s what has been on my lips lately: Elder Betty. Yum. A good hike with great beer! … Continue reading

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A photo to share for comparison. Stella has 2 or 2.5 weeks until her due date. It’s around this time we start to doubt if she’s grown at all, if there is more than a few pups, if things are … Continue reading

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i wanna hold your hand (rail)

The handrail has been finished, clear coated and installed. And it’s beautiful. We’re hoping that was the most difficult part of the whole railing installation. Smooth sailing from here!! Bring on the ballusters! We cooked and ate our first real … Continue reading

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a birthday weekend

6 years old! How exciting! I love catching those first moments of awakeness when they realize it’s their Birth Day!! Summer and John participated in their first Quarter Miler race. They loved it so much! I hope running will become … Continue reading

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