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and they’re out!

The pups are growing up fast! They’re now 4 weeks old. Playing and growling, jumping and running. And the puppy breath!! The pups have begun to eat moistened dog food a couple of times a day. Which also means they’re, … Continue reading

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look what we have!

As a congrats to ourselves for building a new home, we *ahem* bought another new home. A MOBILE ONE! Oh, we are looking forward to some camping adventures this summer!

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Ah graduation day!! What better way to celebrate than with fun, friends and food!??! Jen’s homemade wine and Nana’s homemade ice cream cake? Don’t mind if I do! Oh these Summer days are so wonderful!

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a little feathered friend

I came home from shopping the other day and this beautiful bird was perched inside. He wasn’t stressed or knocking into the window. It was like he was just waiting patiently for me to come home and let him out. … Continue reading

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Today I finished my first 5 K race!! It wasn’t my best time or farthest run, but it was amazing just the same. Oh man, I think this girl is addicted. And it certainly helps to have such great friends … Continue reading

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what’s next?

Just when you think things are winding down: dance recital done, Girl Scouts Ceremony done, school almost done…..there’s something else. It’s time for soccer now! You’ll find us at the fields a few evenings a week for the next little … Continue reading

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’round here these days

These days have been full, oh my! Lots of packing, lots of moving, lots of new fluffy things to look at! Let me catch you up! Here’s the view we woke up to on our first night at “our house”. … Continue reading

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