some doggy changes

First of all, we’ve had a summer visitor. Alfie, Stella’s “pup” from her first litter has been with us since late June. Eli has been working hard all summer with her to prepare her for her NAVHDA Utility Test.
Field work, and loving it!
Practicing her duck search…
and retrieve!
Secondly, our last pup born this year has just left. “Cooper” left late last week to head to his new home in Nevada.
Cooper stayed an extra month with us until his owners were able to pick him up in person. He got tons of extra loving from the little girl here! She really helped out a lot with him and received the money his owners gave us for the extra months boarding. She loves her dogs!
And lastly, we sold Banjo too. I know that a lot of people feel like that’s pretty unfathomable but it’s not that bad. The family we sent her to have gotten a dog from us before and they’re really great people. Not to mention that she’s moving to South Dakota to be in pheasant heaven!!
The day before she left, Stella musta figured they have one last run. So they set off in the early morning hours and didn’t return until after 10 pm. Actually, they didn’t really return. Eli found them lying in the grass at the old house down the hill! Must be they didn’t feel like running the rest of the way home! Anyway, while they were away they tore themselves up pretty good! They both had swollen, matted eyes with most of their brows missing…I imagine seeds and pollen filled their eyes as they ran. We flushed them with saline and put antibiotic ointment around them. Stella and Banjo had a day filled with laying around and doing nothing. Both of them slept ALL DAY. Banjo’s ride arrived at 7pm and she was on her way. Eli and I hope to head out to South Dakota and hunt over her again this November!
So we are down to a 2 dog household until September. Alfie’s first test is this weekend and we hope she’ll do well! After that, it will be Stella here alone. But if the past shows us anything, it’s that it won’t stay that way long!

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1 Response to some doggy changes

  1. Jen Hakes says:

    So happy that Banjo has made it to an awesome home:) And very proud of Summer for earning some money this summer caring for Cooper, great job Sum!

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