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31 times around

Such a beautiful birthday morning here on the hill! This morning, bright and early, I rolled out of bed and drove down into that fog to pour buckets of sweat. Those sweaty moments are great for reflection, too, and so … Continue reading

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happy birthday

This post is a bit belated, but the day was definitely celebrated!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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john’s turn

6:20, Monday morning. John is loudly announcing he is, in fact, NOT going to preschool. I had an inkling this would be coming. The night before, he had told me he would not go. He’s a bit of a homebody, … Continue reading

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the first of first

Today was Summer’s first day of 1st grade!! And the morning went off without a hitch! (Much better than last year!!) Summer’s request for breakfast was pancakes with butterscotch chips. Rules here are you can pick anything you want (within … Continue reading

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color vibe!

If you don’t think running is fun, you’ve never Color Vibed before!!! The Color Vibe is a 5K run with “color stations” at each kilometer mark.  Each station has multiple people ready with handfuls, squirt bottles or buckets full of … Continue reading

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the glow

We are very lucky to have some great balloon festivals around here! The Labor Day balloon fest starts on Thursday with a balloon “glow”. It’s where the balloons are blown up on the local golf course at dusk for a … Continue reading

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