If you have kids (or are rapidly changing sizes yourself) is this a job that never ends or what!?!?
Warm-weather clothes out, cold weather clothes out, where will we keep the gloves?, “no, honey that does not fit anymore”, why are there still cloth diapers out???? And it gets done and put away and then magically they’re onto the next size again, or it’s the next season, or for whatever reason, it’s time to start all over!

Do you buy bigger clothes for your kids when they’re on sale? How to you manage the constant in-and-out of your kids clothes?


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3 Responses to consta-sorting

  1. my least favorite job! I use well marked bins/totes. 2 per kid – 1 for too big, 1 for seasonal. Then when we do the seasonal switchover we try on the too big clothes. And then we either bag the too small ones for donation, or pass along to younger siblings. 🙂

  2. Cari Aida says:

    With 3 girls ranging in size from 4T to Jrs Med…. it’s NEVER ENDING. My house looks like a clothing store exploded in it. I used to buy clothes in larger sizes if I felt confident they’d be able to wear them, but not any more. We’ve got too many hand-me-downs as it is to buy MORE stuff that they can’t wear yet. Without a doubt, it’ll be lost and never end up worn lol. It’s extra frustrating right now because Roo skipped 6x altogether and went straight from 5/6 to 8 over the summer and Mim is already in 5’s now so poor Roo keeps getting the clothes she’s grown out of in her clean laundry because they’re *supposed* to be in Mim’s bin now. I fantasize about the days when the kids will be able to manage their clothes themselves… but alas, there’s no end in sight!

  3. I am constantly trying to sort clothes and to make sure everyone has something to fit them since they grow so FAST!

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