’round here these days

I feel like we just got into the swing of fall, and now winter’s beginning to peek it’s head around!

*We are spending more time at the woodpile and stove! The cat’s love to climb the pile…perhaps they will be pet more because they are at eye level?

*We practiced voting in Girl Scouts, and then all went to the polls together. I remember wearing John in the Ergo carrier in what seems like 4 short years since our last election!

*Mama has been practing shooting skeet everynight after school…Eli and I have a big trip coming up and it will be my first time hunting pheasant!
*I can’t believe I never posted Halloween pictures! Well, here you go: Our own little Madeline and Officer John!

*Speaking of Halloween, of course we need to touch on candy. It’s always a dilemma: so much candy and what to do! Our Girl Scout Troops organized a Trick or Treat for Troops and collected candy to send to Operation Gratitude. We sent out 75 pounds of Halloween candy! 75 pounds of candy not in the bellies of our girls (or ours, for that matter!)

*And speaking of Halloween candy, we did keep some. Today, having had enough of doling it out, I told the kids to have at it. Finish it up. Whatever you want. But, before they got their first piece out, I stopped my girl and took a picture. She’s had her front tooth hanging by a thread.
And then precisely 9 minutes later, she dropped to her knees in the kitchen and regurgitated a Milk Dud. Inside it was the tooth she’d been so afraid to pull out! Sometimes I’m so glad when I make the kids pause in their daily lives just for me to get a quick snapshot. You never know when they’re going to change!

*Stella has been lazing around the house, being the only dog at this time. Little does she know, with aforementioned hunting, a trip across the country, and a little one waiting there for us, she’s about to have things change (again!).
*A tiny bit of preserving has been happening around here. My mom found apples that were reasonably priced (a small miracle, this year!) from a local Amish man. The other night I needed an activity for the kids (including an afterschool friend) to keep them busy, happy, and in harmony! Applesauce…the fun activity to make and eat! Yum!

*The kids have been riding their bikes in the basement. There is a small circular track around the stairs that isn’t cluttered with bins and such. John crashed his bike and it sent one of the training wheels pointing north. He rode pretty good with one trainer, so we headed outside. Not as successful outside. Everytime he fell over he said, “Look what you made me do!” Ah, what’s a mama good for but to take the blame for all things wrong in life. Nevertheless, I think this boy will be on 2 wheels this spring. With a jealous sister right behind him, I presume.

*John has been hunting with Daddy as often as possible. Here, they snuck out quickly (after driving home from the city for 6 hours!) and bagged 2 green winged teal. Nothing like getting right back to country life after a few days downstate!
That is what’s going on in this neck of the woods. We’re trying to ready ourselves for the winter and balance fun, home and activities. I think that’s a constant quest: balance. But I bet if I ever have a time when I feel like everything is done and set, that I’ll be longing back for these days with 100 balls in the air.

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Daughter. Wife. Mama. Homebirther. Lactivist. Nurse. Healer. Educator. Aspiring homesteader. Gardener. Tea drinker. Enviromentalist. Seamstress. Photographer. One happy camper!
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