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I love hearing the little things that my little ones come up with, and always vow to write them down.  But where?  Well, since this is my virtual journal/scrapbook, I’ll add them here! Yesterday, John said he wanted to count … Continue reading

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color vibe!

If you don’t think running is fun, you’ve never Color Vibed before!!! The Color Vibe is a 5K run with “color stations” at each kilometer mark.  Each station has multiple people ready with handfuls, squirt bottles or buckets full of … Continue reading

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Conversations around here aren’t just with the spoken word anymore!  

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Last night I lay down with John to get him to sleep.  He talked a mile a minute and complained that he didn’t want to be in the dark.  And then silence.  His breath got deeper, but I kept laying … Continue reading

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Conversations:  A place to chronicle all of the wonderful words that spill from my children’s lips. John is fairly obsessed with hunting in all aspects at this point.  He is usually sporting camo from head to toe, is carrying some … Continue reading

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Eli, John and I were working up to the new house. Eli was tiling in the bathroom and I was painting in the kids room. Eli:  Linzie, come here please… John:  What?  What do you need?  (Ever the helper, he … Continue reading

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At bedtime, Summer likes to talk.  Loves to talk.  She knows it will keep her awake infinitely, so, in an out-loud fashion, she mulls over her day, makes plans, creates stories, dreams up scenarios, and sometimes just talks nonsense.  But … Continue reading

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