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’round here these days

I feel like we just got into the swing of fall, and now winter’s beginning to peek it’s head around! *We are spending more time at the woodpile and stove! The cat’s love to climb the pile…perhaps they will be … Continue reading

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pickles and friends

With a garden being fairly non-existent for us this year, I can only rely on the generosity of others to fill my pantry. But, I’d rather work a bit for my wares. And my friends and I (and the kids!) … Continue reading

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’round here these days

I think I start all of these posts with “Oh my, time is flying!!” These ’round here posts are used to sum up lots of work and life over a span of days. These summer days are full, full, full … Continue reading

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Digging leeks

The kids and I set off on a foraging adventure yesterday!  Every year we set out to dig leeks (more precisely, every April.  Except this year it didn’t get above freezing in April!) John was more than happy to set … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day!

I know, I know, it’s May Day not Thanksgiving!  But May 1st is also the first day of turkey season.  Eli hadn’t shot a turkey before Summer was born…and we celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend so he’s been due!  … Continue reading

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In the kitchen….

A glimpse into the kitchen for a day! I started off with my favorite (and easy!) fresh bread dough from Mother Earth News. Yeast and Coarse Sea Salt (1.5 Tbsp of each): Next, adding warm water (3 cups; and having a … Continue reading

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Pie day

Today was pie day!  Tonight I made a Chocolate Truffle pie with help from the kids, a pumpkin pie on my own, and Eli made the Pecan pie for us!  Getting ready for Thursday!  I’m so very thankful for my … Continue reading

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