happy mother’s day!

It’s been quiet here on the blog. But not here at home! I’m going to try to ease back into posting, at least more frequently that once a month!

Happy Mama’s Day to all the lucky ladies out there!
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once in a lifetime

Yesterday Eli, John and I had a once in a lifetime experience. The DEC knew of a collared bear who had a den here on the tree farm. Probably about a half mile from our house, within site. The same spot that Eli and John shot a deer this fall and the same spot I sat in a ground blind twice. It doesn’t make me uneasy, it leaves me in awe.

The DEC came in and tranquilized the mother. The Seneca Park Zoo came in to assess her health, and a Bear Management class from a local college came to assess the cubs, take measurements and micro-chip them. Mama also got a new collar.

But before all that official stuff happened, we got a once in a lifetime experience. Holding a baby bear. Climbing up the brush pile and looking down in at a sleeping mama. Amazing.

bear den march 2013 438

bear den march 2013 417

bear den march 2013 427

bear den march 2013 421

Where’s Summer you ask? Her class had a field trip and we let her make her own decision. It was a tough one for us to let go, but she was happy in the end. Ok, a little tearful when she saw the pictures. I’m not even going to think about how she’ll feel about it in 5 years….

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Beginning again

Sorry for the absence. Winter was long and stress was high.

But spring is here and along with it a brighter mood.

Today I collected our first egg. And with that, I’ll begin again.



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I title a lot of my posts with numbers. But this number. Ouch. Cold.
It’s no surprise in Western New York, it seems like single digits are the calling card of January. But it is my first year as a runner. I wouldn’t say I was a runner yet last January, and even if I called myself that, I never ever ran outside.
Things have changed.
After taking a chilly Friday off last week, but making up for it with a supremely spring-like Saturday, I hadn’t yet done the deed in the single digits. Today I could wait no longer. It had been long enough since I had ran. And the dreadmill is no longer in my repertoire. So outside it was.
3 miles. 8 degrees.
Coming to the end, I looked over at my shoulders. I wondered why there was so much snow on them. I hadn’t noticed it snowing when I was running. Then I looked and it was on my gloves too. It wasn’t snow, it was my breath condensing and freezing as quickly as it could! Crazy! When I finished, I stepped into the Y and sat down. My legs buzzed with an electric feeling. Surprisingly, it only took a minute to recover. And it wasn’t really that bad along the way either.
Friday, high of 19? I am so there.

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tactile stimulation

Somedays Most days my mind is going a million miles a minute. No lie. I recently saw this picture and could totally relate.
Anyone else?

Anyway, the constant chatter in the background of kids needs, wants and whatever else goes on does not always help. But sometimes it does. I (only occassionally) am able to look at life through my kiddos eyes. When play clay was the thing to do yesterday, I needed a break. Sitting at the same table, I quickly found my hands kneeding and pressing and designing.


And feeling my mind quiet. And seeing my boy smile.


We Santa brought some wonderful Sensa-Dough from My Little Otter this year! (I see she’s taking a bit to regroup after the holidays and only has paper straws and sprinkles in stock. I’m so drooling over those too!) Such lovely colors and scents to work your hands over!


Coloring, puzzle piecing, handwriting, painting. All of them have the same effect. Intense concentration on what is instead of what will be, what should be, or what was. Mindfulness.
Yep, kids know where it’s at. Until it’s dinner time, then I’m happy for my adult brain. Who knows what we’d eat if it were up to them.

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With the warm streak last week, all of the snow is gone on the hill. It seemed a little bittersweet, having had that white fluffy stuff fall by the foot and now to just have brown clumps here and there.
Until I realized i wouldn’t have to drive to run again. I’m loving the view my warmer weather running route offers!


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Today was just an ordinary day. An ordinary sunny, winter day. For some reason I felt very present and enjoyed lots of little moments today.

This morning brought time at the YMCA. School for John, exercise for me. Complete with meditation in the sauna after. Bliss.

Me making lunch meant John outside. Playing. Pretending. Setting out his decoys for his afternoon duck hunt.

Sigh. Time to get at these.

And laundry. Lots of laundry. Sun = Energy = Laundry Time! But I used the last of the detergent! Time to make more!

And then there were four! Summer and Eli home from school! Time for a walk with the dogs!

A night out at dinner with two tired kids, a quick put-to-bed and a bit more pick up. That’s today.

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